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Protection Against Overvoltage

SCHUCK insulating joints type SHD: In order to ensure reliable insulation even after an overvoltage, SCHUCK insulating joints type SHD are equipped with the patented ring spark gap.

This protects the insulating joint from carbonizing of the insulating materials by tear down the overvoltage at a defined point without damaging the component.

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Service: Preventive Maintnance

Schuck México has been awarded by our long-term customer IENOVA (Mexican subsidiary of the US company SEMPRA ENERGY) a 2-year service contract for Preventive Maintenance (and repair if necessary) for the 42" CL600 and 30" and smaller MLV ball valves and Block Valves of the stations and pig traps delivered to the consortium "AOT" in 2014/15.

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Watch the installation of a Schuck MHP House Entry in the Video!

The installation of a Schuck Modular House Entry MHP is done in a few simple steps.

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MHP Sealing System

Secure and tight in less than no time.

The sealing system of the MHP consists of the adjustable segment seal for a maximum sealing range and the screw-in element as assembly aid and securing device.

Available in two versions:

  • Line diameter 19 - 40.5mm
  • Line diameter 39 - 63.5mm

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"With the new MHP modular house entry system, the Schuck Group is offering a building entry for media lines with a flexible sealing system for the first time," writes the trade press. In fact, the MHP modular house lead-in can be used flexibly thanks to its well thought-out design and can be assembled without tools.

They also rely on proven components and accessories from SCHUCK and make the new modular house entry a multi-talent.

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SCHUCK SERVICE in Action around the World

Order to overhaul Schuck Top-Entry ball valves that have been in operation for more than 20 years.

Working on an offshore platform is definitely not for people who want a regular "eight-to-five job".

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Interview: "Hydrogen as an Opportinity and a Challange"

SCHUCK is H2ready

For us as an established system manufacturer for all aspects of energy supply and as an innovative pioneer in the industry, it is a matter of course to take the lead here.

We spoke to Andreas Dobsch, Head of Construction & Development, Distribution.

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The Fully Welded Schuck Ball Valve IN HYDROGEN DESIGN

Together with the SGS-TÜVSaar and the DBI - Gastechnologische Institut GmbH Freiberg, Schuck checked their product range of ball valve type G (fully welded pipeline valve) for its suitability in hydrogen networks in a test procedure especially developed for the operating medium hydrogen.

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Conforming to standards and practical - the LRS conduit system

Our empty conduit system is a “space retainer” that ensures standard-compliant construction and the secure sealing of the media line. It can be installed simply and inexpensively. Read more about this and learn about the area of ​​application of the LRS empty conduit system using a practical example.

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It shows once again the great competitive advantage of having a comprehensive and technically highly qualified service of your own brand and being able to carry out conversions without problems and delays during the tightly timed standstill.

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Installation and Video of the New Pipeline Linear Compensators

Last February, Schuck delivered the last of the 42 new linear compensators to Poland on schedule.

These were initially all delivered to a large storage area where quality control was carried out by the customer, during which each individual linear compensator was checked in detail using a corresponding checklist.

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We like to use acrylic glass cubes for trade fairs and exhibitions to enable a view into the wall. In this way, we can clearly show the installation situation of our house entries with accessories in the wall and clearly show what cannot be seen in practice.

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A day on the construction side with Schuck sleeve connectors

Part of a DN500 gas line is to be renewed on a busy street in the urban area. You can also see a measure on the parallel water pipe that has already been completed. The crossing water pipe makes accessibility difficult for work on the gas pipe. The generously excavated and exemplary secured work area still allows access for the necessary work.

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Automation of a Gas Pipeline

In this retrofit project, SCHUCK actuators were installed on existing ball valves and are therefore an essential part of the success of the ENGIE (Cuxtal) pipeline for the gas supply on the Yucatán peninsula. Read more about the integration of different drives (single and double acting) on ​​already installed ball valves in a new measuring and control station.

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New Nominal Sizes - Schuck SK Ball Valves

With the expansion of our SK ball valve series, we are closing the gap between our ball valves for the city gas/distribution and the ball valves for transport lines.

The SK ball valve series was previously available up to nominal sizes DN200 and PN16. With our program expansion, we can offer larger nominal sizes up to DN400 as well as higher pressure levels up to PN40 with the SK ball valve.

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Project-On-Site Service, Commissioning & Maintenance

As a system and solution provider, we not only provide our customers with products of outstanding quality, but also offer an all-round service. An impressive example of this is the so-called ZEELINK pipeline:

The SCHUCK service is at regular intervals on the compressor station as well as on the route to ensure smooth commissioning.

Direct communication between the customer and SCHUCK enables all work to be carried out quickly and easily.

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The Partial Valve Stroke Test - Insights

A Partival Valve Stroke Test (short: PVST) enables the operator to check and guarantee the safety of the system without interrupting the process. Here, the valve is only partially closed (by 5% up to around 20%) and thus some of the possible sources of error are tested, especially with safety shut-off valves. The functionality is checked during operation if required without interruption of flow.

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The parallel installation of a Schuck gas, electricity or water house entry with an empty pipe for fibre optics in a common core bore makes it possible to set up the infrastructure for a fibre optic network (FTTH, FFTx) with very little effort.

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Gas house entries with integrated main shut-off valves must meet a high standard.

The SCHUCK Firesafe lever, for example, creates an extremely high safety standard for the HSP gas house connections. Find out here how the safe gas house entry from SCHUCK works and how it proves itself in an emergency.

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The complete package is compatible with all common building entries for the media of water, gas, electricity and telecommunications in buildings without a basement. In this way, building owners are perfectly prepared by laying the empty pipe route and save themselves nasty surprises on the construction site.

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The Schuck Group is once again supplying so-called water ball valves type G as part of a larger project to Saudi Arabia. Fully welded ball valves for water are fundamentally a challenge, as the entire inside of the valve, including the weld seam, must be protected against corrosion.

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Sealed even without a ditch

The challenge with trenchless house connections is making them gas and watertight, as well as tear-proof and torsion-proof installation of the house entry, in compliance with regulations - despite the maximum restricted access to the outside of the building.

The Schuck sealing screen was specially developed to create trenchless house connections easily, quickly and safely.

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Linear Compensators in a high pressure pipeline

In the underfloor gas pipeline, which is to go into operation in the new years, 42 of these pipeline linear compenstors with a nominal width of DN 1000, a nominal pressure of PN 84 and a new design are used for integration into a KKS system.

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Campaign on Sleeve Connectors

As a well-known manufacturer of sleeve connectors, the Schuck Group bears a special responsibility, especially when it comes to occupational and operational safety.

In close cooperation with the BG ETEM trade association, Schuck has developed a catalogue of measures to create greater safety awareness among users of Schuck SMU Sleeve Connectors.

Find out here which 3 measures ensure better occupational safety on the construction site and significantly minimize the risk of accidents.

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Pipeline Job Site in Mexico

The VAG pipeline is 388 km in length and 36 inches in area and will serve the areas of San Luis Potosi, Aguascalientes and Guadalajara with natural gas use, as well as other countries in the country such as Colima, Michoacan and central Mexico via its connections.

The introduction of this system completes the tie-up of the gas pipeline network known as "Wahalajara," which carries the world's cheapest natural gas from the Waha region of Texas, United States, to Mexico and has a combined transport capability of more than 5,331 million cubic feet of natural gas each Day and a length of 2,150 km circumstances.

Job Site in Mexico


Radon Proof - For Sure.

An important requirement that is becoming more and more the focus of public discussion is the radon-tightness of building entries. Inadequately made penetrations can be the cause of the penetration of radon gases and thus harmful radon concentrations in buildings.

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SCHUCK is H2ready

With the announcement of the hydrogen strategy in June 2020, the German Federal Government ushered in a new era in the use of alternative energy sources. The central role here is played using so-called green hydrogen as a game changer in the energy industry.

For us as an established system manufacturer for everything to do with energy supply and as an innovative pioneer in the industry, it is a matter of course to be a part of this process.

The Schuck Group has already got in the mood for this mega trend and started developing its products further and new at an early stage.

We spoke to the responsible product manager Robert Barthle about this.

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SCHUCK Beto-Fix Plus

Schuck Beto-Fix Plus expanding mortar is suitable for all types of building entries and wall penetrations. Whether chiselled out and irregularly or cleanly with the core drill, whether concrete, white tub, double elements or even bricks: In all cases, Schuck Beto-Fix Plus swelling mortar is used for safe installation in compliance with regulations. Here you will find detailed information and a clear demonstration in the product video.

Schuck Beto-Fix Plus

SCHUCK House Entries - Simple. Secure. Sealed.


  • The new DIN 18533 regulates the professional sealing of components in contact with the ground and their connection for all penetrations into the building.
  • Liquid sealants such as PMBC (KMB) and membranes are approved for water exposure classes W1-E and W2.1-E.
  • Schuck has the standard-compliant, safe solution for connecting to this: the new 18533 Sealing Flange.

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