SCHUCK Beto-Fix Plus

The composition of Schuck Beto-Fix Plus swelling mortar is specially designed for use in grouting a wall duct. In this way you can reliably seal your house entry . High strength, tightness, swelling behaviour and easy handling are particularly important. Schuck Beto-Fix Plus expanding mortar is suitable for all types of building entries and wall penetrations. Whether chiselled out and irregularly or cleanly with the core drill, whether concrete, white tub, double elements or even bricks: Schuck Beto-Fix Plus expanding mortar is used in all cases for safe installation in compliance with regulations and reliable sealing of the building entry.

  • House entry is completely enclosed and sealed
  • Mineral dry mortar
  • No risk to health
  • Suitable for drinking water
  • Complete core drilling is filled in a controlled manner
  • The filling level can be monitored at any time by the filling level in the hopper
  • Is mixed with water
  • A practical measuring cup is included with every bucket of Schuck Beto-Fix Plus expanding mortar
  • With one system, almost all cases of building entries can be covered and safely sealed on site