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Welcome to the SCHUCK Resource Library

Take a look behind the scenes! Here you will find useful information about the product range of the Schuck Group.

From the installation of a sealing flange for the house entry for gas, water, telecom and electricity to the explanation of the functions of large valves in pipelines for the distribution of gaseous and liquid media. With practicable approaches, you will learn exciting and useful things for your project here.

Your Application - Our Solutions

The application icons take you directly to the respective subject areas and blog posts that contain interesting news and information.

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Gas Stations

Ball valves and drives as well as insulating pieces for interrupting the metallic conductivity of pipelines.


Pipelines & Storage

Ball valves with drives and insulating pieces for cathodic corrosion protection.


Residential Houses

With house entry systems, media such as gas, water and electricity are safely and reliably introduced into buildings with or without a basement.


Distribution Network

Valves for shutting off, for electrical isolation for cathodic corrosion protection and for connecting pipelines.


Industrial / Commercial Buildings

The supply of large buildings with gas, water and electricity is ensured with Schuck house connections.


Industrial Plants

In power plants or industrial plants, Schuck ball valves with drives ensure the supply of liquid and gaseous media.


Renewable Energy Sources

Fittings and pipe elements for the distribution and transport of renewable energy sources.



As a system provider for valves and drives, Schuck has been active in the market for decades. With this experience, we can offer services that are precisely tailored to the customer.

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