Ball Valves for the Compressor Station in Altamira, Mexico

It shows once again the great competitive advantage of having a comprehensive and technically highly qualified service of your own brand and being able to carry out conversions without problems and delays during the tightly timed standstill.

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SCHUCK Service Team on the "Cuxtal" project

Find out more about how the Schuck Service Team successfully retrofitted existing ball valves in a pipeline in Mexico and what special features, measurement and control technology brought about the automation of the ball valves.

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SCHUCK Service, Training and Maintnance along the project

The guarantee of success for a successful installation, correct commissioning and professional maintenance of complex pipeline systems is a qualified team. The SCHUCK Service Team offers project-related services and even training on the construction site.

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Pipeline Job Site in Mexico

The VAG pipeline is 388 km in length and 36” in diameter and will supply natural gas to the areas of San Luis Potosi, Aguascalientes and Guadalajara, as well as other regions of the country such as Colima, Michoacan and central Mexico via its links.

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