The guarantee of success for a successful installation, correct commissioning and professional maintenance of complex pipeline systems is a qualified team. The SCHUCK Service Team offers project-related services and even training on the construction site.


SCHUCK - Overview of Services

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    • Customer service
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    The Story of the - ZEELINK Pipeline Project

    The ZEELINK pipeline project manages the conversion from "L-gas" to "H-gas", which, due to its higher methane content (high calorific gas), ensures more efficient energy supply. The pipeline begins in Lichtenbusch in North Rhine-Westphalia (south of Aachen) and ends in Legden (near Ahaus). The length of the pipeline is approx. 216 km and has a pipe diameter of 1000 mm.

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    SCHUCK Products and Services in the ZEELINK Project

    As a system and solution provider, we not only supply our customers with products of outstanding quality, but also offer an all-round service.


    Schuck supplied a total of 127 ball valves from DN150 to DN1200 for this project

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    37 ball valves were installed for the Würselen compressor station alone, including 10 safety fittings with spring cylinders. These are necessary to quickly shut off the 3 electric compressors and the gas cooler in the event of a malfunction.

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    • The SCHUCK Service is at regular intervals on the compressor station as well as on the route to ensure smooth commissioning.
    • Direct communication between the customer and SCHUCK enables all work to be carried out quickly and easily.
    • We receive regular feedback from the construction site and can therefore adapt our range of services individually.