• With the expansion of our SK ball valve series, we are closing the gap
  • between our ball valves for the City Gas/Distribution sector and the ball valves for transport lines.
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Where do we come from, where are we going?

The SK ball valve series was previously available up to nominal sizes DN200 and PN16. With our program expansion, we can offer larger nominal sizes up to DN400 as well as higher pressure levels up to PN40 with the SK ball valve.

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To ensure that the ball valves function reliably with larger nominal sizes and higher pressures, we have provided a trunnion bearing and a gearbox for actuation from size’s N150. The actuating torques can be managed easily and the ball valves can be switched safely at any time.

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The SK ball valves are still available for both above-ground and below-ground use. Above ground with flange connection and high-quality yellow paint up to DN400 and in pressure classes PN5, PN16 and PN40. Below ground with welding ends and the tried and tested PU (polyurethane) coating up to DN400 in PN16.

The details of the new SK ball valve series at a glance

The transition between the floating balls with direct actuation to the trunnion-mounted balls with gear actuation is sensible with the nominal size DN150, which is available in both versions.

The Trunnion bearing together with the actuating Stem ensure that the ball is guided in a stable position. The contact pressure to the sealing system is detached from the line pressure and can therefore be easily controlled, which is increasingly important, especially at higher pressures and large nominal sizes.

Large ball valves with gear

SK-GHR en.jpg

From DN150 (optional) or from DN200 the actuation works via a gear. The open & closing torques are thus kept low.

Since the position of the ball can no longer be deduced by the position of the hand lever, there are additional aids.

When using above or below ground, the position of the ball can be read from a display on the gearbox. The ball valve is operated with a handwheel (GHR = gearbox with handwheel) and always moved to the travel stops at each end of travel.

2019-12-16 16_35_19-Kugelhahn_mit_Schaltverlängerung.pdf - Adobe Acrobat Reader DC en.jpg

This also applies to the below ground valve, where the actuation can take place via a gear with ISO flange connection (GIF) and a telescopic switch extension. A conventional stem is also available.

The switch position can optionally be read with the help of a gear pointer on the switch extension in the above ground cap.

DALMINEX Mechanisches RZW Aluminium en.jpg

Gear dial for ball valves with gear as a telescope display.

Is that all? - The extended Schuck SK ball valve series offers even more!

More flexibility - Schuck SK ball valves have new lengths

In addition to the larger sizes and pressure ratings, we can now offer a short range according to EN558 R27 for above-ground in the nominal sizes DN50, DN80 and DN100 which are now also available.

SKF-DN100-Seite-2 en.jpg

Standard length

SK_kurz %287%29-2 en.jpg

New: short overall length

High compatibility - Schuck SK ball valves can be used with many extensions

In addition to the new features of the range expansion, the tried and tested and well-known range of the SK series is of course still available, e.g. the variants in PN5 with Firesafe switch lever, the variants with PE welding ends for underground, all-plastic PEK ball valves, ball valves with integrated cathodic protection, etc.

It is always worth taking a look at the product overview to find the right ball valve for the individual application.

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Schuck Firesafe Self Closing Lever

SKFGT-FI-DN50 en.jpg

Ball valve SK with FI switching lever

SKS-E-03667-2 en.jpg

Ball valve SKE, fully welded for underground applications

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Watch our short video - More about the SCHUCK Firesafe product

Tip: The Schuck Firesafe lever is not only available for HSP gas house connections, but also provides more safety for other Schuck products, such as the Sanova renovation capsule and Schuck SK ball valves. It can also be retrofitted by simply replacing the previous hand lever.