The Schuck Group is once again supplying water ball valves (2 x 48/42/48 "CL600 type ‘G’ and 1x 48/42/48" ​​CL400 type ‘G’) as part of a larger project to Saudi Arabia.

The end customer is one of the largest electricity and water suppliers in Saudi Arabia, which regularly inquiries about water ball valves from Schuck.

Fully welded ball valves for water are fundamentally a challenge, as the entire inside of the valve, including the weld seam, must be protected against corrosion. The seat ring is made of stainless steel and the ball plug has a high-quality chrome coating and therefore both are also corrosion resistant.

Schuck solves this constructively with a special process which makes it possible to line the entire interior, including the area of ​​the seat ring, with polyurethane (PUR). A soft seated variant was specified by the customer as a seal.

The customer wanted a maintenance-free underground ball valve with an extended stem extension; the outside area of ​​the valve and stem extension is of course also coated with PUR.

The choice of using a fully welded type ‘G’ Ball Valve from Schuck was chosen due to the low weight of the type ‘G’s ( spherical shape), which is ideal for a pressure vessel.


A Schuck water ball valve - type ‘G’ as a special product for water transport

A Schuck basic actuator with Scotch-Yoke principle in combination with an electric actuator ensures the 90 ° movement of the ball valve.


The customer-specific ball valves are a special design, as a reduced bore is required.

The raised face flange ends are designed in 48", while the ball valve bore is only 42". A weight saving is achieved with this solution.


To meet customer-specific requirements, in addition to the differences of the water ball valve with flange end (see photos above), a variant with welding ends was specially designed and built by Schuck.

Water Ball Valve Flange End_EN.png

Model with Weld End

Water Ball Valve Flange End_EN.png

Model with Flange