Sample Construction Site: Schuck Empty Conduit System


We need a space retainer...

The Schuck empty conduit system is the ideal preparation for house connections in new buildings. In buildings without a basement, “empty pipe entries” must be used in the floor slab through which the supply lines can later be routed. Our empty conduit system is a “fixed empty pipe” with which the standard-compliant construction and the secure sealing of the media line can be ensured simply and inexpensively.

Standard-compliant solutions for building entries with the Schuck empty conduit system as a "space retainer"


Back Then

The brown underground drainpipes, which have so far often been used as empty pipes, are particularly problematic because they stand in the way of standard-compliant installation and make reworking necessary:

  • The brown underground pipe acts like a "separating layer" of the connection and prevents the safe connection of the lines to the building. The result is that "brown underground empty pipes" have to be worked out in the area of ​​the base plate in a laborious manner in order to enable the line to be sealed directly with the base plate.
  • In addition, bending radii are often dangerously tight in such solutions. Then particularly time-consuming and expensive reworking is necessary, because this is usually only noticed after the floor slab has long been poured.
F140026-100_Leerrohrsystem DN25_DOC-00400123-3.jpg


This is exactly where the big advantage of our empty pipe system is: The coating of our pipe lining on the empty pipe system enables a secure seal between the base plate and the empty pipe system as well as between the empty pipe system and the media line. The rigid arch reliably prevents the media lines from falling below the permitted radii. There is no need for time-consuming rework and the highest quality is always guaranteed.

The set contains everything you need for the construction site:

  1. Lining pipe with special coating and membrane.
  2. Protective cover with alignment aid.
  3. Elbow 90 ° R600 or R1000.
  4. Gas-tight sealing collar.
  5. Telescopic spike.

Application example on the construction site

During a sample installation in an existing building, we were able to impressively experience that this not only works great for new buildings, but also for renovation.

LRS SVB (1).jpg

The Package

The empty conduit system comes to the construction site as a package with all the necessary accessories

LRS SVB (2).jpg

The individual parts in the set...

from left: pipe bend 90 ° R600 or R1000, gas-tight sealing collar, telescopic spike, casing with special coating and membrane, protective cover with alignment aid (yellow cap on casing).

LRS SVB (6).jpg

Situation on site

At this point there is no floor slab everywhere in the existing building. Before this is brought in, it was excavated under the strip foundation in order to route the supply lines here.

LRS SVB (3).jpg

The first empty pipe system has been set up

This only takes a few steps: the ground spike is driven into the ground in the right place. The pipe bend with the pre-assembled second part of the ground spike is screwed onto it. Then the casing pipe is inserted into the socket of the arch and the height is adjusted by the system with the adjustable ground spike.

The lid has an integrated spirit level which helps to adjust the system. Finished.

LRS SVB (11).jpg

More Pipes follow

Two further empty conduit systems are set up in the same way.

The final works can begin ...

After the trench has been filled and compacted and the binding layer has been introduced, the reinforcement begins to be placed.

LRS SVB (14).jpg
LRS SVB (16).jpg

Clever Details

The yellow bands on the wall sleeves mark the height for the unfinished floor. The overhang at the top creates space for the construction of the finished floor. It is easy to see that the black special coating of the casing is in the area of ​​the base plate, where the casing and concrete can join in conformity with the standard.

LRS SVB (19).jpg

The floor takes shape

The concrete of the floor slab was placed, compacted and smoothed.

LRS SVB (21).jpg

Well prepared

After the base plate has hardened, the media lines can be introduced and connected in coordination with the utility companies. This can be arranged flexibly in terms of time, because the empty conduit system enables a line to be inserted at any time without any problems.