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    Compensator when lowering into the pipeline trench.

  • 1620973373135.jpg

    Compensator welded into the pipeline on one side.

  • 1620973373116.jpg

    Compensator welded into the pipeline on both sides.

Installation of the new pipe linear compensators

Last February, Schuck delivered the last of the 42 new linear compensators to Poland on schedule.

These were initially all delivered to a large storage area where quality control was carried out by the customer, during which each individual linear compensator was checked in detail using a corresponding checklist.

After this inspection had been successfully completed, the installation of the linear compensator in the pipeline in the 168 km long underfloor high-pressure pipeline from Pogórska Wola to Tworzeń began in April.

Video of a Pipeline Linear Compensator

Linear Compensators equalize the axial displacements within a pipeline in areas with high seismic activity, in ground subsidence areas and in areas subject to longitudinal thermal expansions.

Download & bonus material:

-> Download the product information for the Schuck Compensator type ‘SDS and SDS-K’ as a PDF. (English)

-> Download the variation and measurements overview on the linear compensators: